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SKB Prestige

SKB is a partner you can trust. Our experience, skills, discretion and adjustment to your needs with our banking and financial solutions are our main guidelines. For us, you are important.

SKB Prestige is intended for the most demanding clients who have at their disposal more substantial financial assets in the bank and have higher regular inflows.
Your individual relationship officer will make sure to provide your wishes and needs with a financial solution and banking offer, tailor-made for you.

We have prepared for you a special offer of exclusive banking products, which follows the highest standards and can fulfil the highest financial goals and wishes.

  • Prestige package

    Create your own Prestige package and get free management of your Prestige personal account up to 18 months and a number of other benefits.

  • Prestige personal account

    Compared to other bank accounts, Prestige personal account provides you with a range of advantages and benefits. Prestige personal account also pampers you, as it offers you benefits provided by our business partners.

  • Prestige VISA debit card

    Prestige VISA debit card is the most prestigious international personal account payment card which you can use securely in Slovenia and abroad, at any selling points marked with VISA.

  • Gold VISA Prestige card

    Gold VISA Prestige card is the most prestigious SKB payment-credit card, which provides you with easy non-cash payments at selling points marked with VISA sign, in Slovenia and abroad.

  • SKB Private banking

    For clients who have at their disposal a more substantial amount of funds and need the services of private banking from your bank, as well as comprehensive asset management, we also offer the services of SKB Private banking.