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Prestige personal account

Prestige personal account follows the highest standards to meet all of your highest financial goals and wishes. Enjoy its benefits and comfort, and indulge in a prestigious card with special advantages.

Best suited for

Prestige personal account is intended for clients who have at
their disposal more substantial financial assets in the bank and have higher regular inflows.

Advantages of Prestige personal account

  • individual relationship officer services;
  • free-of-charge overdraft in the amount of 3,500 EUR for allowed balance overdraft, with a more favourable interest rate;
  • daily limit for ATM withdrawals in the amount of 1,500 EUR;
  • free of charge withdrawals at ATMs in Slovenia and the EU, where Euro is used;
  • the option of obtaining a Gold VISA Prestige card;
  • non-cash operations with Prestige VISA debit card in Slovenia and abroad (payments at point-of-sale, use of ATMs);
  • free of charge use of SKB TEL answering device;
  • automatic management and transfer of funds between your accounts (personal, transaction) with SWEEP service;
  • settling liabilities by direct debits and standing orders;
  • provides benefits with our business partners.
Sunny studio 10 % discount on fitness, aerobics and combined trainings with SPA
Barsos 10 % discount on all medical services
Terme Krka Spa -Wellness 15 % discount on all services in the following wellness centers: Balnea Wellness center in Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa, Vitarium Spa&Clinique in Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa and Salia in Talaso Strunjan Spa
Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa 10 % discount on preventive diagnostic tests for managers
Terme Krka Spa - hotels 10 % discount on regular prices of accommodation in Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa, Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa, Talaso Strunjan Spa, Hotels Otočec and Hotel Krka in Novo mesto
Doktor 24 10 % discount on the first year of membership for Telecare (SOS At home, SOS Mobile, SOS Doctor)
Klinika Pacient 10 % discount on aesthetic surgery, gastroscopy with sedation and colonoscopy with anesthesia or sedation
5 % discount on all physiotherapy services
PZA – Prva Zdravstvena Asistenca 15 % discount on the first year of membership
Center Preventiva 25 % discount on a preventive medical health examination
Studio Černe 10 % discount for framing pictures and production of digital print; free-of-charge consulting regarding purchase or rent of painting works
Telekom 15 % discount for purchase of all additional equipment in Telekom centers

 *Benefits will be regularly updated and published on our web site.


Prestige VISA debit card
Prestige VISA debit card enables cash withdrawal at ATMs and payments at point-of-sale, marked with VISA sign, in Slovenia and abroad.

Balance overdraft (limit)
When you start receiving your regular income on the account, we approve a higher regular overdraft. If your expenses exeed the regular overdraft you have the option of acquiring an extraordinary overdraft (higher balance overdraft allowed)

SPLET KOMPLET – Internet and telephone banking
With SKB modern banking channels, you can manage the funds in your personal account simply, wherever and whenever. You can access your personal account 24 hours per day via SKB NET, MOJ@SKB and on working days from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm. you have SKB TEL telephone banking at your disposal.

As an owner of prestige personal account, you can also become a user of gold VISA Prestige card with special discounts and benefits.

Plus card insurance
With Plus card insurance, you can insure your bank card and personal items in case of loss or theft.

Security SMS 
By Security SMS you receive notifications on withdrawal of cash at ATM, purchases at points of sale, purchases on internet and via phone. You will receive a notification for each transaction carried out with your credit or payment card in Slovenia or abroad.

Info SMS
Info SMS enables you to receive notifications about the following: account balance, account inflows, reached overdraft limit on account, expiration of overdraft limit or deposit and end of saving period.

Required documents

In order to open a personal account, you need:

  • valid personal identity document (identity card or passport);
  • tax identification number.