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ISIC personal account

Are you a pupil or student of legal age and you would like to obtain a free ISIC card and ISIC personal account? As the first one in Slovenia, we have combined benefits of both in SKB ISIC VISA debit card which we at SKB offer you free-of-charge.

Best suited for

ISIC personal account is intended for pupils and students of legal age who have student status.

Advantages of ISIC personal account

Advantages of SKB ISIC VISA debit card

  • Free-of-charge cash withdrawals at ATMs in Slovenia and in the EU area where Euro is used as means of payment;
  • non-cash payments at home and abroad on points of sale marked with VISA logo;
  • safe conducting of internet purchases;
  • it is valid internationally; benefits and discounts can be used
    in 120 countries across the world;
  • it brings over 40,000 benefits across the world.

Check all the benefits of SKB ISIC VISA debit card on the web page

Ordering SKB ISIC VISA debit card

  • Order the card via web page;
  • come to the SKB outlet the next day or within 14 days, individual relationship officer will open the ISIC personal account.

Required documents

If you would like to open the ISIC personal account for students, you will need:

  • valid personal identity document (identity card or passport);
  • tax identification number;
  • original certificate of enrollment or valid student card;
  • order confirmation for SKB ISIC VISA debit card, which you receive by e-mail.