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VISA card

VISA card

Enjoy your shopping with VISA card today and pay tomorrow

SKB VISA card is intended for all those who want to make secure and comfortable non-cash payments. It enables its owners to make purchases today, while deferring payments to a later date. The world is its home, while a loan, tailor-made for you and your wishes, is in your hands.

SKB VISA card is also an official credit-payment card of the Slovenian Olympic Team.

Best suited for

The card can be acquired by all persons of legal age, who are permanent residents of the Republic of Slovenia and are owners of an SKB account.

Advantages of VISA card

  • handy and easy non-cash payments at points-of-sale marked with VISA sign, both in Slovenia and abroad;
  • cash withdrawals with a personal PIN number at all ATMs and SKB counters, or banks in Slovenia and abroad, marked with VISA sign;
  • it is a payment-credit card, which enables delayed payment or a loan with no approval fees; You decide on monthly instalments for repaying liabilities, while carrying the rest of the debt over to the following month;
  • making all purchases via the Internet or at points-of-sale and in restaurants;
  • the card enables secure operations as it comes equipped with a chip, and you confirm purchases by entering a personal PIN number;
  • monthly membership fee for owners who pay for their liabilities with direct debit to their personal SKB account (other owners have an annual membership fee);
  • possibility of additional insurance for the case of misuse of stolen or lost SKB cards;
  • discounts across the world, provided by VISA International.

Notification of card loss or misuse 24 hours a day +386 (0)1 471 50 92
Bankart Ljubljana

Information about the account or membership and purchase cancellations +386 (0)1 471 55 55, Monday to Thursday from 8.00 until 15.00, Fridays until 14.00.


Simply at hand everywhere in the world
VISA card can be used everywhere you see its sign. VISA card is the most wide-spread card in the world, accepted at over 29 million points-of-sale across the world and more than 840 thousand ATMs in over 170 thousand world countries. With VISA, you can make secure purchases or travels without cash, pay and defer your payments to a later date.

Main VISA card features

  • it is one of the most widely accepted cards in the world;
  • a card with deferred payment – you use it every day but receive the bill only once a month;
  • choice of date for payment of liabilities with direct debit to the personal account, namely you can choose between the 8th, 18th or 28th of the month;
  • you can also follow the charges to your card account via SKB NET internet bank.
  • possibility of acquiring an additional card for an authorised person.

Handy way of acquiring a fast and simple loan with VISA card
VISA is a payment-credit card, which enables access to a revolving loan with no approval fees. The option of crediting increases the possibilities of adaptation.

You decide on monthly instalments for repaying liabilities, while carrying the rest of the debt over to the following month; You can always decrease your debt by making single or multiple payments.

How do you operate with a VISA card?

  • You determine the share of payment of monthly liabilities on your own (the share can vary – 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 % of monthly liabilities);
  • revolving loan on VISA card involves no approval fees.

Interest rate is variable. The bank will inform the user each time the interest rate changes in writing with a monthly statement on card charges, at least 15 days before the date of introducing the change. The bank publishes the currently applicable interest rate on notice boards in all its outlets and on the bank web pages.

Transparent and accessible
Operations with VISA card are transparent, since you can follow the charges to your card account via SKB NET internet bank.

General VISA benefits
Using a VISA card provides you with a range of discounts and benefits across the world. More detailed information on various discounts and benefits is available on VISA International web page.

Plus card insurance
Ensure your bank card and your personal belongings with Plus card insurance.

Required documents

You can complete the Application for the issue of  VISA card and submit it to an SKB outlet or via SKB NET internet bank.

In order to acquire a VISA card, you need: