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Gold VISA Prestige card

Gold VISA Prestige card is the most prestigious SKB payment-credit card. It provides its holders with security and convenience of unlimited purchases anywhere in the world.
As a gold VISA Prestige card user, you also receive additional benefits, discounts and insurances, which give the gold VISA Prestige card a special value.

Best suited for

A gold VISA Prestige card can be obtained by the Prestige personal account users and doctors who own a personal SKB account.

Advantages of gold VISA Prestige card

  • Gold VISA Prestige card is free of charge for the first year (with the annual use defined in the price list you can also use the card free of charge later on);
  • it enables deferred payment or a loan without approval fees;
  • individually set monthly limit of use;
  • additional insurances for card owners, automatically and free of charge;
  • free-of-charge Plus card insurance, which provides insurance for the case of a misuse of a lost or stolen card;
  • special global customer assistance service (GCAS);
  • various discounts and benefits.

Cancellation of Gold VISA card 24 hours a day at +386 (0)1 471 50 92
Cancellation or blocking of the card in case of loss or theft of card

SKB GOLD line +386 (0)1 471 59 11
Monday to Thursday from 8.00 until 15.00, Fridays from 8.00 until 14.00.
General information, purchase cancellations, clarifications of General terms and conditions.


Main features of gold VISA Prestige card:

  • card with deferred payment – you use it every day but receive the bill only once a month;
  • choice of date for the payment of liabilities with direct debit on personal account, namely you can choose the 8th, 18th or 28th of the month;
  • you can also follow the charges to your card account via internet bank SKB NET;
  • option of acquiring an additional card for an authorised person; you can acquire an additional VISA card or gold VISA card. The additional card has its own number and personal number (PIN). Liabilities of the additional card are settled from the personal account of the original cardholder;
  • handy and easy non-cash payments at selling points marked with VISA sign in Slovenia and abroad;
  • cash withdrawal with a personal PIN number at all SKB or other banks’ ATMs and counters marked with VISA sign, in Slovenia and abroad;
  • it enables execution of various purchases online or at selling points and restaurants;
  • secure transactions, as the card is equipped with a chip and you confirm purchases by entering a personal PIN number. 

Card use limit

As a gold VISA Prestige cardholder, you gain special respect and trust. Therefore, the benefits of VISA International card system are adapted to your wishes and needs. You decide on allowed overdrafts or limits individually with your individual relationship officer.

How do you pay with a payment-credit gold VISA Prestige card?

  • You decide on the share of payment of monthly liabilities (the share can vary - 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 % of monthly liabilities);
  • the remaining part of liabilities is transferred to the payment for the next month, while the interest is settled by the card user in full each month.

The option of crediting increases the flexibility options.

You decide on a monthly share of favourable repayment of liabilities in instalments and defer the remaining debt to the following month, but the interest is settled by the card user in full each month. You can arrange for the limit of use and a revolving loan when submitting the Application for the issue of gold VISA Prestige card

The interest rate is variable. The bank will inform the user on each interest rate change with the card transactions statement, at least 15 days before applying the change. The bank publishes the applicable interest rate on notice boards in all its outlets and on the bank webpage.

Plus card insurance
Your SKB gold VISA card is richer for a free-of-charge Plus card insurance which includes insurance for the case of a misuse of lost or stolen card and covers the costs of lost personal items.

Discounts and benefits:

  • Additional insurances for card owners; 
  • Plus card insurance;
  • Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS);
  • discounts at Berlitz language school.

Required documents

You can complete and submit the Application for the issue of gold VISA Prestige card in an SKB outlet.

In order to acquire a gold VISA Prestige card, you need:

  • valid personal identity document (identity card or passport);
  • tax identification number;
  • personal account, opened at SKB bank;
  • completed Application for the issue of gold VISA Prestige card.