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Contactless cards

With SKB payment cards, you can make also contactless payments!

At SKB, we follow global banking trends. Therefore, we introduced state-of-the-art, secure and comfortable payment with payment-credit VISA and MasterCard cards.

  • You are performing payments without contact
  • You can define your personal identification number (PIN) yourself; 
  • You have greater control since you do not hand out a card to salesmen.

What is contactless payment?

It is a type of payment without  physical contact between a payment card and POS terminal. The contactless symbol is visible on POS terminals. The SKB card which enables contactless payments is equipped with the same sign. 
Some POS terminals of certain banks enable contactless payments only for certain cards (e.g. MasterCard, etc.)

Contactless payments - quick, no contact and secure!

  • Usually, we pay for everyday small purchases of low value (e.g. purchase of coffee, newspapers, ice cream) with cash. Stop looking for coins – use your contactless card by simply putting it closer to a POS terminal. Without contact and entering personal identification number (PIN). 
  • You will be able to perform most of the payments with amounts of up to 15 EUR contactless and without entering your PIN. Payments of amounts above 15 EUR have to be confirmed by entering PIN. 
  • Random reading (scanning) of data from a card by unauthorized persons is not possible, as the security of this technology in comparable with the chip technology or even better. 
  • No fear. It is not possible to have a card in your pocket, to walk next to a POS terminal and unknowingly make a payment. A POS terminal doesn't recognize a card in such a way.  
  • If you approach a POS terminal with a wallet containing several contactless cards, the terminal will refuse the completion of payment. A card has to be approached to a POS terminal independently.  

Payment of UP TO 15 EUR – contactless and without entering PIN

Put a card closer to the symbol on a POS terminal and wait for a sound and/or light signal. Upon completed payment, take a payment confirmation.

Payment of ABOVE 15 EUR – contactless and by entering personal number

Put a card closer to the symbol on a POS terminal, enter your PIN and wait for a sound and/or light signal. Upon completed payment, take a payment confirmation.

Important information when replacing cards

  • Your new card is already valid; you can start using it after receiving a new PIN. 
  • Personal number (PIN) can be changed at all SKB ATMs. 
  • You will be able to make contactless payments with a new card only after the first performed contact transaction (e.g. payment on a POS terminal by using PIN, account balance inquiry on ATM, etc.) 
  • Your current card will stop functioning at latest by the end of the following month upon receipt of a new card , but possibly even earlier, depending on the expiration date of the current card. 
During card replacement period, you will:
  • Receive two statements (paper version or via SKB NET internet banking) for each card, where performed transactions will be evident; 
  • Have separately displayed transactions for both cards in your SKB NET internet banking.