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Payment cards

  • Contactless cards

    At SKB, we follow global banking trends. Therefore, we are introducing state-of-the-art, secure and comfortable payment with payment-credit VISA and MasterCard cards. 

  • VISA debit card

    Do you wish to avoid time-consuming payments in cash? Do you wish to pay for your purchases easily, comfortably and securely, both in Slovenia and abroad? VISA debit card is an ideal solution for you!

  • Security SMS

    Security SMS notifies you about the withdrawal of cash at an ATM, purchase at a point of sale, internet purchase or phone purchase. So, you are immediately informed about every transaction which has been conducted with your credit or payment banking card in Slovenia or abroad.

  • Plus card insurance

    Plus card insurance

    Are you worried what would happen if you lost your SKB card or if it was stolen? What if, you also lost your keys, personal documents, wallet or mobile phone? With Plus card insurance you can sleep peacefully, as you have insured all your SKB cards, as well as your personal items!

  • VISA card

    VISA card

    VISA card is intended for all those who want to make secure and comfortable non-cash payments (also enables purchases at a distance, like online purchases or telephone sales). It enables its owners to make purchases today, while deferring payments to a later date. The world is its home, while a loan, tailor-made for you and your wishes, is in your hands.

  • MasterCard card

    MasterCard card

    Do you want to make secure non-cash payments both in Slovenia and abroad and make purchases at a distance (online purchases, telephone sales) and settle the payment of purchases once a month? If so, MasterCard or gold MasterCard is the right choice for you, as it provides all this and more!


  • Additional insurance for card holders

    Additional insurance for card holders

    SKB cards offer more than only secure non-cash operations in Slovenia and abroad. New additional insurance packages bring even more value to our cards and additional security in your day-to-day operations and travels abroad.
  • 3-D Secure — safe online payments

    The 3-D Secure service enables simple and safe payments in online shops applying an OTP which the customer receives via an SMS to his/her mobile phone. The service is supported by VISA with the Verified by VISA and by Mastercard with the MasterCard® SecureCode™.

Notification of card loss or misuse for VISA debit card 24/7
+386 (0)1 471
50 90
Bankart, Ljubljana

Notification of card loss or misuse for VISA and MasterCard 24/7
+386 (0)1 471 50 92
Bankart, Ljubljana

Information about the account or membership and purchase cancellations +386 (0)1 471 55 55, Monday to Thursday from 8.00 until 15.00, Fridays until 14.00.