Preizkusi MOJ@SKB mobilno banko


PAPI package

Teaching children how to manage money is an important part of their education, growing-up and gaining their independence. SKB has prepared a PAPI package for children up to 12 years of age including an offer of personal and savings accounts, bank cards and internet transactions, all of which are designed as close as possible to your child.

PAPI package brings your child numerous benefits

Free of charge monthly management of PAPI personal account
A free PAPI VISA debit card when the child reaches the age of 8
Free Security SMS
Free monthly use of SKB NET internet banking and MOJ@SKB mobile banking
free use of SKB TEL answering device 
Free withdrawals on ATMs of other banks
Topping-up of accounts of pre-paid mobile phones at ATMs
A PAPI money box upon opening a personal account
A PAPI reward


Check our offer of saving money for your children!

Your children's wishes will come through sooner with PAPI savings and, at the same time, you will teach them at a young age how to manage their savings in a responsible manner.