Lawyer and notary package

SKB pays special attention to lawyers and notaries.

Create your own Lawyer and notary package and get benefits with your personal finance. In case you have your own private practice, we have also prepared for you benefits with your business finance.

The Lawyer and notary package offers you:

* Valid only for 1 Escrow account and provided that the client also opens a Transaction account at SKB.

Select the products that you need and create your own package. The more products you select, the more you save.

When creating your own Dr. package for personal finance, you can:

If you wish to create your own Lawyer and notary package for business finance, you have to open a Transaction account and at least one of products in the package. You can also decide on a Business VISA debit card.

You can decide on opening products from the package within 2 months following the opening of the Transaction account.

Products that bring free management of the Transaction account and PRO SKB NET internet banking.

Product A period of free management
PRO SKB NET internet banking 9 months
Plus business card insurance 6 months
Business MasterCard card* 6 months
Accepting cards at points-of-sale (POS terminal)* 6 months
Escrow account 6 or 12 months
Gold personal account or
Prestige personal account
9 months

* The number of months is subject to the contractual relationship and not to the number of products.
** In case of opening several Escrow accounts, a maximum of 2 accounts shall bring the benefit in the package.

If you also open a Gold or a Prestige package at SKB, you will additionally acquire from 6 to 18 months of free management of your personal account and also free management of SKB NET internet bank in the case of Gold package.

How to get a Lawyer and notary package?

Make an appointment with an individual relationship officer or with an corporate relationship officer via SKB TEL (01) 471 55 55.

The SKB Bank approves products in accordance with its business policy, applicable approval procedures and the foreseen extent of operations with the bank.