Preizkusi MOJ@SKB mobilno banko


SKB NET internet banking

Convenient and low-cost operations, wherever and whenever.

SKB NET internet banking provides you with convenient internet banking services 24 hours a day, year-round, and also enables you to save money. You can access SKB NET internet bank easily, with a special identification card, from any computer with an internet connection.

Best suited for

SKB NET service is available to holders of SKB personal accounts.

Advantages of SKB NET

  • it operates 24 hours a day, year-round;
  • it is accessible from anywhere and at any time. Its use is not limited to one computer; by using an identification card, you can access SKB NET from any computer which has an internet connection;
  • cheaper services via SKB NET than in outlets;
  • payment of membership fee in five consecutive monthly installments;
  • comprehensive administration and management of personal finances without visiting outlets.


Services you can perform via SKB NET:

  • reviewing balance and transactions on personal, savings and card accounts opened with SKB;
  • cheaper payments for domestic payment transactions than in outlets with the possibility of determining a later date for making the payment;
  • free transfers of funds between personal accounts which belong to different people and which are open with SKB, with the possibility of determining a date in the future;
  • free of charge and unlimited transfer of funds between SKB personal accounts of different persons and to or from SKB savings accounts;
  • transferring foreign currency funds to a custody account and transfer of foreign currency funds to own account at SKB or another bank in Slovenia;
  • opening, reviewing and closing of standing orders;
  • e-invoice service (receiving);
  • review of transactions conducted via SKB NET and SKB TEL telephone banking;
  • concluding a term deposit and reviewing term deposits in Euro and foreign currencies;
  • submitting requests or applications for:
    • approval of extraordinary overdraft;
    • increasing daily limit for ATM cash withdrawal;
    • notification for withdrawal of a larger amount of cash;
    • opening of savings account;
    • MasterCard card and VISA card;
    • changing the amount of spending limit or provisional loan on card account;
    • approval of a quick loan;
  • currency exchange;
  • information on concluded loan operations;
  • security settings:
    • setting of a personal list of recipients;
    • setting of the total daily amount of payments and the maximum amount of an individual payment;
  • quick changing of contact information;
  • safe sending of messages to the bank;
  • management of additional security settings and daily limits for VISA debit cards.

SKB NET is easy to use for anybody. If you have basic knowledge of internet, you will quickly learn about internet banking. We provide detailed instructions, built-in tips and telephone assistance to help you.


In order to offer the highest possible security when transferring data, we use the most up-to-date technology for protection of online data and transactions. Cryptography, routers, firewalls, internal controls, user identification code and identification card – all this ensures secure use of SKB NET.

Required documents

In order to access SKB NET, you need:

  • SKB personal account;
  • completed form Application for use modern banking channels for individual clients;
  • personal identity document (identity card or passport).