Car loan

Car loan

Are you looking for favourable financing for purchasing a new car?

Would you like to buy a new car? Choose the one which suits you the most, and we will make sure you will be able to afford it. With an SKB car loan you will be able to choose a vehicle to your taste, and we will also provide you with favourable financing of car insurance and registration. 

Best suited for

Car loan is intended for all those who plan to take a loan for purchasing a car and are looking for a loan which is more favourable than a regular cash loan.

A car loan can be taken by an employed or retired resident citizen of the Republic of Slovenia, who is of legal age and receives their income to any bank or savings bank in Slovenia, under specific conditions also for foreigner clients but SLO residents who  receive their personal income to their SKB personal account.

Advantages of car loan

  • lower interest rate compared to regular cash loans, regardless of the repayment period and regardless in which bank you have an opened personal account;
  • repayment period from 13 months to 8 years;
  • lower interest rate for Zavarovalnica Generali insurance company clients who took out their car insurance in SKB;
  • favourable obligatory and comprehensive insurance with Zavarovalnica Generali insurance company.


You can choose between two types of interest rate for car loans:

  • fixed interest rate, which remains the same for the whole period of loan repayment;
  • variable interest rate, which depends on the reference interest rate (e.g. Euribor).

How much loan can you get?
The amount of loan is not limited but it depends on the credit ability of the client and type of loan insurance. The lowest monthly instalment is 40 EUR.
A loan in the amount of 10 % can be paid in cash for covering the costs of registration and car insurance.

How long can the car loan repayment period be?
Repayment period can range from 13 months to 8 years;

What is the interest rate for a car loan?
Interest rates for special purpose loan for purchasing a car.

How can you insure a loan?
With car loan insurance, you can choose among the following options:

  • insurance with an insurance company for loans of up to 24 months and in the amount of up to 5,000 EUR;
  • insurance with guarantor;
  • exceptionally also without insurance (the decision is within the competence of the outlet which is processing the loan approval).

What costs will you have when taking a loan?

Approval fees:

  • 1.70 % of loan amount (a minimum of 45.00 EUR and a maximum of 170.00 EUR).

Loan management fee depends on the loan repayment period.
There are no loan management fees in the case of insurance with an insurance company.

Special benefits
Lower interest rate for Zavarovalnica Generali clients!

Additionally lowered interest rate applies to everyone who already has obligatory or comprehensive car insurance at Zavarovalnica Generali made in SKB, or who opts for it when taking a car loan.

Car insurance
In cooperation with Zavarovalnica Generali, you can opt for favourable obligatory and comprehensive insurance for your car. You can conclude the insurance in any SKB outlet.

Required documents

In order to obtain a car loan, you need:
  • identity card or passport;
  • tax identification number;
  • general loan documents:
    • if you receive your salary (mid-size, large company, public sector) or pension to your personal SKB account;
    • if you do not receive your salary (mid-size, large company, public sector) or pension to your personal SKB account;
    • if you are employed in a small company or with a professional, or if you are a professional, farmer, foreign citizen, employed abroad or currently on maternity leave;
  • specific loan documents:
    • invoice, pro-forma invoice or car seller’s contract;
    • in the case of car purchase from a natural person, purchase contract certified by a notary or an administrative unit (which has to state, additionally to the correct personal data of the buyer and seller, also the personal account of the seller);
  • loan forms:
    • Loan approval form A;
    • Employer certificate;
    • Assignment;
    • Guarantor statement;
    • Application for submitting information.

According to the employment of the client, income amount, operations with the bank and type of loan collateral, the bank can request additional loan documents.