Preizkusi MOJ@SKB mobilno banko



  • Cash loan

    Cash loan is the quickest way to get money you need in the short term for unexpected financial expenditure. It enables cash payment or direct payment to seller, but you can also use it to cover negative balance on your account.

  • Quick cash loan

    Quick cash loan is the first aid when you need money for unexpected purchases. You can take a quick and easy loan for up to 5 years, without any special documentation, which you repay directly from your SKB personal account.

  • Housing loan for EU Citizens

    We can feel much more at home, if we know that we own the property. At SKB, we help foreign clients purchase a home with a special housing loan with a fixed or variable interest rate. With favourable conditions and personal treatment, we provide a simple and quick way for you to create a real Slovenian home on the sunny side of the Alps.

  • Housing loan

    Decision for a housing loan requires consultation with the people we trust. If we do it together, it is easier, we reach our goal faster and can achieve more – because life is a team sport. SKB helps you purchase or build a new house, apartment, weekend-house, or only renovate your existing home, by offering favourable housing loans with a fixed or variable interest rate.

  • Quick Housing Loan

    Quick Housing Loan

    With our favorable Quick Housing Loan, you can renovate your bathroom, reroof your house or refurbish the facade. If you want to give a new look to your apartment or house, our Quick Housing Loan allows you to turn your wish into reality in the fastest way possible.

  • SKB loans

    Personal account overdraft

    Are your monetary needs currently higher than usual? You can get help with an overdraft on your personal account. By providing an option of a balance overdraft on personal accounts, SKB allows clients to gain quick access to additional financial resources.

  • Personal accounts and loans

    Lombard loan

    Lombard loan enables you to acquire a loan by pledging your own assets (term deposit).

  • 1-hour loan

    1-hour loan

    At SKB, we are aware of how invaluable your time is, therefore we offer you loan approval in one hour.