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Personal vehicles leasing

Personal vehicles leasing

With leasing to a new car!

Do you need a new car but cannot take out a loan? Leasing is the right solution for you! Leasing is a fast and simple way for you to obtain a new personal vehicle. It enables you to obtain a new car quickly and without the usual numerous documents. In cooperation with its daughter company SKB Leasing d.o.o., SKB also offers other forms of financing which correspond to your wishes, needs and abilities.

Best suited for

Personal vehicles leasing is intended for all citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and foreign clients, who are of legal age.

Advantages of personal vehicles leasing

  • transparent, fast and simple application procedure;
  • it corresponds to your wishes, needs and abilities;
  • the option with no direct debit from your personal account and your monthly income (repayment by payment orders).


What is the difference between leasing and a loan?

The difference between a loan and leasing is that when you purchase a vehicle with a loan, you gain ownership immediately, while with leasing, the car is owned by the lessor until full repayment of leasing.

Leasing amount

The lessor will approve leasing for you in the amount and with a monthly instalment which corresponds to the income you receive to your personal account. The lowest monthly instalment is 100 EUR.

Leasing features:

  • repayment period for personal vehicle leasing is up to 7 years;
  • option of purchasing a used or new vehicle;
  • as a general rule, the deposit amounts to 20 % of vehicle value;
  • the option of choosing between fixed and variable interest rate;
  • approval fees are comparable to loan fees.

Leasing insurance

When taking out a lease, the client has to demonstrate a certain regular income (salary, pension or other inflows) and foreign citizens must also have a guarantor. Leasing insurance is the subject of leasing, i.e. the vehicle, which remains lessor's property until the last instalment is paid. Additional leasing insurance is generally not necessary, but the vehicle must be insured.

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