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Investment Funds

  • Information for investors

    SKB as the authorised distributor of the Amundi Funds and SGAM Fund’s sub-funds; it keeps you informed on important decisions and news related to the Amundi Funds and SGAM Fund.

  • Umbrella fund Amundi Funds

    Do you have surplus of funds which you wish to invest? The umbrella fund Amundi Funds ensures a prudent and comprehensive dispersion of your investments. Many different sub-funds provide you with a tailor-made offer containing the best combination of bond, equity, index and money market funds of different industries and types of issuers on capital markets of the USA, Europe, and Asia, which are managed by recognised experts.

  • KD Umbrella Fund (Krovni sklad)

    Do you have a surplus of money to invest? At SKB, we act as an agent in accessing the KD Umbrella Fund of KD Skladi d.o.o., an asset management company. Access costs to KD Umbrella Fund at SKB equal costs at the KD asset management company. Investments in the KD Umbrella Fund offer you various investment strategies within the management policy of an individual sub-fund.