Preizkusi MOJ@SKB mobilno banko


Payment transactions

  • E-invoice

    E-invoices and other e-documents are documents issued in the electronic form. They fully replace paper documents. E-documents issued by the issuer to its partners via its internet bank are sent safely via e-mail within the e-invoice system to the internet bank of the e-documents recipient. The recipient then manages them and pays the e-invoice in a simple manner with only few clicks.

  • Domestic payment transactions

    Do you execute daily or occasional domestic payment transactions? In any case, we offer fast and reliable payment services, with an extensive network of SKB outlets across Slovenia, and the option of using modern banking channels.

  • Cross-border and other payment transactions

    Are you present on foreign markets? In cooperation with SKB, which is a part of the international Société Générale Group, international operations are reliable, fast and cost-effective. The use of modern banking channels additionally simplifies performing cross-border and other payment transactions.

  • SEPA - the Single Euro Payments Area

    SEPA is an abbreviation for the Single Euro Payments Area. It enables clients to execute and receive payments in Euro according to single rules and procedures inside or outside national borders, under the same basic conditions and with the same rights and obligations, regardless of the geographical area.