Preizkusi MOJ@SKB mobilno banko


Payment cards

  • VISA bussines debit card.

    Business VISA debit card

    Do you wish to make non-cash payments in Slovenia and abroad in a simple and safe manner, and simply access funds on your transaction account? Business opportunities are awaiting you! Do not waste your time searching for cash, consider using a Business VISA debit card.

  • Security SMS

    Security SMS notifies you about the withdrawal of cash at an ATM, purchase at a point of sale, internet purchase or phone purchase.  So, you are immediately informed about every transaction which has been conducted with your credit or payment banking card in Slovenia or abroad.

  • 3-D Secure — safe online payments

    The 3-D Secure service enables simple and safe payments in online shops applying an OTP which the customer receives via an SMS to his/her mobile phone. The service is supported by VISA with the Verified by VISA and by Mastercard with the MasterCard® SecureCode™.

    Online shops enabling safer payments are marked by the logos Verified by VISA and MasterCard® SecureCode™.

  • Business MasterCard card

    Business MasterCard card

    Do you want to make simple and secure non-cash payments in Slovenia and abroad and to be entitled to many additional insurances? Do you want to make purchases at a distance (online purchases), book and pay for hotel invoices, airplane tickets, rent a car or simply pay for dinner at a restaurant? Business MasterCard card is a step towards simple and non-cash payments.

  • Plus business card insurance

    You can insure your SKB business cards and personal items against loss or theft with the Plus business card insurance.

  • Accounts and operations

    Accepting cards at points-of-sale (POS-terminals)

    Are you engaged in an activity with a high frequency of payments, which demands a speedy service for your clients? Accepting cards at points-of-sale through POS-terminals enables your customers to settle liabilities with payment cards, and provides you with better security due to non-cash transactions.