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PRO SKB NET internet banking

At SKB, we provide companies with secure and efficient management of their transaction accounts as well as simple and cost-effective daily banking operations. PRO SKB NET is an internet bank, accessible from any computer with an internet connection. It operates 24 hours a day, year-round.

Best suited for

PRO SKB NET is intended for corporate clients and owners of SKB transaction accounts, who wish to use simple and cost-effective daily banking operations. 

Advantages of PRO SKB NET

  • simple use – accessibility via any computer connected to the internet;
  • saving time – no need to visit a bank outlet;
  • saving money – considerably lower fees for performed banking services than in an outlet;
  • up-to-date information – all information on balance and transactions on the account in real time;
  • compatibility with various business and accounting tools, which helps you avoid multiple data entries.


  • in domestic currencies;
  • in foreign currencies;
  • entry of payments with value date in advance;


  • balance and transactions on accounts opened with SKB, in real time;
  • more detailed information on an account;
  • printing statements;
  • monitoring of the status of payments;
  • notifications concerning foreign inflow and the fulfillment of statistics for the Bank of Slovenia;

Export, monitoring and exchange of data:

  • export of data in different formats;
  • exchange of data with your information system.

Other features:

  • import, review and archive of mass payments - closed list;
  • import, review and receipt of data for direct charges;
  • data exchange;
  • electronic signing of payments or payment packages;
  • e-invoice and e-documents service (e-documents issuing and receiving);


  • placing an order for the making of a deposit;
  • purchase and sale of currencies (including the value date in advance) and information about currently valid exchange rate lists of the bank and archive of exchange rate lists.

What do you need?

Identification element:

  • Identification card issued by SKB and for which there is no need to install special software;
  • Qualified digital certificate ̶ QDC (electronic signature) saved on the USB smart key or smart card, which you can order from SKB or from the issuer of digital certificates Halcom-CA, which the Bank recognizes as trustworthy;
  • To order QDC fill out the following documentation: Overall request form for QDC (PDF) and Request for obtaining QDC (PDF).
  • You can use digital certificates also for non-banking e-services.

 Secure environment and equipment:

  • Personal computer connected to internet;
  • Secure web browser.

Modern banking channels help desk +386 (0)1 471 55 55
Every working day between 8.00 and 16.00.