Preizkusi MOJ@SKB mobilno banko


International business

  • Issue of guarantees to foreign countries

    Are you involved in international business and need bank guarantee in your operations? Guarantee to foreign countries is an autonomous and irrevocable commitment of the guarantor bank to pay the guaranteed amount, and it is payable upon first call. The bank issues it upon its clients’ request to the benefit of foreign corporate clients.

  • Documentary letter of credit

    Reduce business risk in international operations. Documentary letter of credit is a payment method enabling payments to be insured by both business partners in international business.

  • Documentary collection

    Do you need insurance in operations with your regular partners? Documentary collection is a payment instrument and at the same time a form of insurance for a reliable payment in international operations between two business partners, who know and trust each other.

  • Sale and purchase of foreign currencies

    Operations with foreign business partners requires also operations in foreign currencies, which must be available quickly and at a favourable rate for the realisation of the right business opportunities. Therefore, SKB offers its clients to sell and purchase of foreign currencies at favourable exchange rates.

  • Operations with cheques

    At SKB, we enable paying an invoice abroad with a cheque and receiving payments from abroad in the form of a cheque. A cheque is a security and at the same time also a payment instrument. Issue of a cheque ensures its coverage, and the receiver is able to realise it in accordance with a prescribed procedure. SKB has concluded business agreements with foreign banks, which enable quick and secure realisation of cheques.