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Business financing

  • Short-term loans

    Do you need monetary funds for your current operations to run smoothly? Short-term loans are intended for financing working capital as well as for planning and managing the cash flow. At SKB, we treat every client individually also in the offer of short-term loans. We can adapt the use of funds and payment plan to your actual needs and solvency.

  • Long-term loans

    Do you need monetary funds for developing and expanding operations? Do you see a new business opportunity? Long-term loans are intended for financing investments in fixed assets or permanent working capital. When approving loans at SKB, we treat clients individually, thus ensuring the most optimal type of financing of your long-term investments. Long-term loans can help you expand your existing operations as well as ensure growth and increased competitiveness of your company.

  • Special offer of long-term loans

    For entrepreneurs and companies with up to 2 million EUR of yearly revenues, we have prepared special long-term loan offer at favourable interest rate and lower loan approval fee, which is valid until 31 December 2018.

  • Guarantees

    At SKB, we offer you various types of guarantees which you need in your operations or are requested by your business partners. SKB guarantee is an autonomous and irrevocable commitment of the guarantor bank for payment of the guaranteed amount.

  • Purchase of receivables

    Do you need monetary funds before the maturity of receivables? With purchase of receivables we enable you to receive money before the maturity of receivables, thus increasing your liquidity.

  • Leasing

    Does your company have long-term investment plans and is looking for alternative financing? The right solution is leasing, which SKB offers in cooperation with its daughter company SKB Leasing d.o.o., as an alternative to a loan. We adapt flexible types of leasing to your wishes, interests, needs, and solvency.

  • Structured finance

    Are you a company or an institution with the highest credit rating? Do you need a higher sum of financing to realise your investment potentials? At SKB, we offer syndicated loans and other types of structured financing at the international level in cooperation with experienced Société Générale, Corporate and Investment Banking experts. We provide complete services with favourable cost and time conditions.

  • Operational leasing of vehicles

    Does managing your fleet vehicles take too much of your time and money? The company ALD Automotive d.o.o. which is just like SKB a part of the Société Générale Group provides the management of your fleet vehicle and related services, which decreases your costs, improves efficiency and increases the satisfaction of company management and drivers.