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At SKB, we pay a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle and support numerous recreational and top-level sporting events, sporting organisations and individuals.

We have been sponsoring the Slovenian Olympic Team since 1993. The cooperation of SKB with the Slovenian Olympic Committee (OKS) dates to the beginnings of their operations; therefore we are widely known as one of the first Slovenian companies to support and promote Olympic values in Slovenia.

Winter Olympic Festival at Rogla – 2018

On 17 February 2018, we marked the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in Korean PyeongChang at Rogla.

In addition to descending the white slopes, the visitors could indulge their sweet tooth with SKB donuts, and children were cheered on by the winged pig PAPI in the SKB cross-country skiing challenge. Numerous Slovenian Olympians greeted us from PyeongChang via video, and we could watch their performances at the Winter Olympic Games live in the SKB corner.

2018 Olympics – Pyeongchang

In February 2018, the 23rd Winter Olympics took place in South Korea. As a proud sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic team, we also cheered Slovenian sportsmen on the road to Olympic dreams in PyeongChang. We equipped them with MOJ@SKB mobile bank, contactless cards, the ISIC card for athlete students and quick winter loan.


Slovenian Torch 2018

 As a proud sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic Team, we participated in the Slovenian Torch 2018 project. 

The Slovenian Torch project took place in January, before the start of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Olympic fire travelled all over Slovenia – in places where former Olympians grew up. The Olympic team was also accompanied by our winged pig PAPI, who distributed gifts to the children, and cheered them on in our SKB challenge – balance board. 
The torch concluded its path with little heroes at the Soča University Rehabilitation Institute and the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana.

Personal sponsorship of young snowboarder Tim Kevin Ravnjak

In 2016, we expanded our contribution to the Slovenian sport with a personal sponsorship of the Slovenian top young snowboarder Tim Kevin Ravnjak. We will encourage him in his further sports career and for this purpose we are organizing various activities in collaboration with the OCS.

Rogla Winter Olympics Day

On Saturday, 25 February, at Rogla Winter Olympics Day we celebrated one year until the Winter Olympics – Pyeongchang 2018.

As the main sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic Team, as well as personal sponsor of athlete Maruša Mišmaš and snowboarder Tim Kevin Ravnjak, we also attended the event. Participants were able to enjoy SKB donuts and tested themselves at cross-country skiing. Maruša Mišmaš and winged pig PAPI also joined us at the event.

Personal sponsorship of Maruša Mišmaš

At SKB, we have decided to further extend our contribution to the Slovenian sports. Therefore, we have supported through a personal sponsorship a young and perspective Slovenian athlete Maruša Mišmaš.

Olympic Circle of Safety

On 30 December, a traditional event took place at Bled, namely the Olympic Circle of Safety. SKB will also participate at the event as a main sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic team and as a personal sponsor of Maruša Mišmaš. 

Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer

2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games took place in Lillehammer, Norway, from. Again, SKB is the main sponsor of the Slovenian Youth Olympic Team.

Sochi 2014

Team work represents one of the core value in Olympism. At SKB, we also place it among our top values, as we believe that everything can be achieved with the right team. In this Olympic year, we were counting down days until the start of the Winter Olympics and crossing fingers for all our athletes. We are certainly all happy with this year's successes and we are looking forward to the new Olympic achievements.
SKB has additionally financially rewarded the participants of the Olympic Games, who brought medals home.

SKB hosted a session of the Executive Committee of OCS

In October, we hosted the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, which marked the 22nd anniversary of its operations with a session of the Executive Committee. Before the OG OCS session, recognitions were granted to successful sportsmen and sportswomen who won medals at the World Games in Colombian Cali and at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Utrecht.

Recognitions were also granted to others who took part in these two competitions. The attendees were addressed by the President of the OCS dr. Janez Kocijančič, who expressed his satisfaction with the achievements of young athletes.

London 2012

As the main sponsor of Team Slovenia London 2012, we have awarded all Slovenian Olympians with Prestige personal accounts with travel money and gold VISA Prestige cards prior to their departure for London. The medal recipients also received monetary rewards upon their return home.

Urška Žolnir, our gold medal recipient, received 5,000 EUR, Primož Kozmus received 3,000 EUR for his silver medal, while Rajmond Debevec, Iztok Čop and Luka Špik received 2,000 EUR for their bronze medals.

A few thousand people gathered in the centre of Ljubljana to enthusiastically welcome Slovenian Olympians and champions. There was no shortage of SKB balloons in people’s hands, as well as cheerful faces. Olympians were also addressed by the Chief Executive Officer of SKB, Mr. Gerald Lacaze, and his Deputy, Ms. Vojka Ravbar, who awarded the medal recipients with monetary rewards.

Vancouver 2010

SKB sponsorship Vancouver

In Vancouver 2010, we provided Slovenian sportsmen with sponsorship funds and a VISA card and pocket money.

SKB awarded Olympic medallists a gold VISA card with four-year free membership and special monetary rewards. The gold medallist received 5,000 Euro, the silver medallist 3,500 Euro and the bronze medallist 2,500 Euro.

SKB also sponsored Slovenian Olympic Towns in Ljubljana and Maribor. Visitors took photographs with Slovenian Olympians, enjoyed musical performances and competed in various winter sports, such as cross-country skiing and curling.

Beijing 2008

SKB sponsorship Peking

SKB awarded gold VISA card with four-year free membership and monetary rewards to medallists at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. Primož Kozmus, who was Olympic gold medallist, received 5,000 Euro, Sara Isakovič and Vasilij Žbogar, who were silver medallists, received 3,500 Euro respectively, while Lucija Polavder and Rajmond Debevec, who were bronze medallists, received 2,500 Euro, respectively.

Before leaving for Beijing, all members of the Slovenian Olympic Team also received a VISA credit card with symbolic pocket money. We also sponsored Slovenian Olympic Town in the BTC centre in Ljubljana.

Beijing medallists were also guests in SKB outlets in Ljubljana, Celje and Koper. In Ljubljana Center outlet, we met and took photographs with Primož Kozmus, the Olympic gold medallist and Rajmond Debevec, the Olympic bronze medallist, whereas in Celje outlet, we met the Olympic bronze medallist Lucija Polavder and in Koper outlet Vasilij Žbogar, the Olympic silver medallist.

SKB outlets also hosted a giveaway. The winner received the main prize: sailing with Vasilij Žbogar.

Turin 2006

SKB sponsorship Torino

SKB awarded  members of the Slovenian delegation at the winter Olympic Games in Turin 2006 a four-year SKB VISA card membership and some additional pocket money to the athletes.
Symbolic VISA cards were given to Robert Kranjec and Petra Majdič by Ms. Vojka Ravbar, Executive Director of SKB and Mr. Bernard Koenig, Vice-President of the SKB Management Board.

SKB also awarded Petra Majdič as the best Slovenian athlete at the Olympic Games in Turin 2006 with an investment into the SGAM FUND investment fund of Société Générale group in the amount of 500 EUR.