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Connection and involvement of SKB with the community

Care and responsibility towards people and community in which we work and live is one of the basic values of SKB.

In the Société Générale group, SKB retains its orientation - we are involved in our community, which is shown by various forms of assistance to cultural, sporting and humanitarian organisations and their projects.

We are well aware that success of a company is measured by the success of the community in which it operates. We realise our philosophy of harmony with community by dedicating a part of our generated income as our direct contribution to various social activities – cultural, educational, humanitarian and sporting.

Our social responsibility is reflected in transparent business practise, based on ethical values; we respect life, work and creativity of our employees, closer community and wider social environment. We strive for good interpersonal relationships and healthy and positive environment, so we try to help different associations and individuals with similar values.

Types of sponsorship