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SKB Urban Beehive

SKB - with nature in the city

 The fact is that bees, probably also due to the excessive use of stimulants and protective agents in agriculture, are an endangered species. In cities, such agents are used to a lesser extent, which makes it easier for bees to survive in urban environments. That is why urban beekeeping has become one of the possible solutions for the survival of bees, which reward us for our care for them by pollinating plants and providing sweet honey.

SKB project "SKB - with Nature in the City" joins the story of urban beekeeping in order to contribute to the preservation of bees and the care for their living space. Carniolan honey bees joined us on the terrace of the SKB office building.
In the vicinity of the urban beehive we planted, with the help of the Botanical Garden, honey plants and provided bees with the best possible quality home in the urban environment. In this way, we celebrate 20 May, which the United Nations declared World Bee Day at the initiative of Slovenian beekeepers, and which is also the birthday of Anton Janša, the pioneer of modern beekeeping.

Bee trail

 Urban beekeeper Gorazd Trušnovec provides for the well-being of SKB bees. We are proud that our hive will soon be included in the map of the Bee Trail of the City of Ljubljana. Our capital city, Ljubljana, is characterized by its unique attitude towards bees and beekeeping in the urban environment, also due to the participation of companies entering the urban beekeeping and planting of honey plants and trees. 

SKB urban beehive is also connected to Ljubljana's architectural heritage

When thinking about how to connect the urban beekeeping, nature and cultural heritage that we meet in the city of Ljubljana, we decided in SKB to also include architectural heritage in the design and painting of urban beehives.
The hives where we settled our bee colonies, are therefore decorated with patterns by pioneers of Slovenian architecture: Jože Plečnik, Max Fabiani and Ivan Vurnik, who left a strong mark on Ljubljana's architecture. The Center of Architecture of Slovenia helped us with the painting and the selection of motifs; Tina Gradišer created the designs for the beehives and they were hand-painted by Bea Avguštin.

Let us observe bees, as we can learn a lot from them:
diligence, organization, persistence and efficiency.

Above all, they teach us by modeling mutual connection and cooperation.  

SKB urban beehive - our story

Temporary beehives and settlement of Carniolan honey bees

Painting beehives with patterns by pioneers of Slovenian architecture: Jože Plečnik, Max Fabiani and Ivan Vurnik

The final placement of the SKB Urban beehive