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Ownership structure

SKB bank d.d., Ljubljana, joined the Société Générale (SG) group, Paris, France, in 2001. The French banking network currently owns 99.7293 % of SKB bank share capital, the ownership structure is presented in the table below.

SKB bank shareholders and their ownership shares, 30. 6. 2018:

Ownership structure

Société Générale S.A., Pariz 97.5846 %
Société Générale - client account - fiduciarni račun* 2.1447 %
Minor shareholders (100) 0.0561 %
Unexchanged materialised shares 0.2146 %
Total 100.00 %

*Societe Generale holds shares in it's own name and for the account of Généfinance S.A., Pariz, owned 100% by Société Générale.

Amount of capital stock: 52,784,176.26 EUR
Number of shares: 12,649,200 (unit shares)
Number of shareholders: 103