Preizkusi MOJ@SKB mobilno banko


Mission and vision

We offer our clients a diverse range of highly competitive products and quality services within the international network of Société Générale, one of the largest banking groups in the Euro area. We have available support for transfer and introduction of state-of-the-art technologies, provision of new business opportunities and availability of financing sources.

Our bank is distinguished by its modernity and innovation, so SKB is an involved initiator of the Slovenian banking system development in various areas. In addition to this, we carefully consider the risks and respond effectively to clients' expectations and market changes.

We create a client-friendly bank by adjusting our banking services to the wishes and needs of our clients. We build and nurture solid relationships based on mutual trust, understanding, search for the best solutions and mutual satisfaction.


We want you to feel at your most comfortable with us. We will strive to create an environment where we will grow, develop and prosper together. You are all invited to join us - with all your needs and desires, dreams and real situations, ideas and questions. Welcome.

Our promises

 As SKB employees, we work in accordance with our key values, which are: team spirit, responsibility, innovation and dedication. We believe that this is the basis for a motivating business environment and healthy long-term business relationships.

We want to be a caring PARTNER …,
… who strives to efficiently fulfil YOUR FINANCIAL NEEDS …,
… and to create LONG-TERM TRUST and COOPERATION …,
… because we are here because of YOU ...
... and with you.


Quality is no coincidence.

  • We are committed to high quality standards.
  • We are constantly improving our work; we are educating ourselves and upgrading our knowledge to always provide the highest-level banking services.

We propose the right solutions at the right time.

  • We prudently propose the most appropriate financial solutions for you.
  • By offering various banking channels, we try to save your time and provide you with easy access to funds, services and all the relevant information about our offer.
  • For new clients, we arrange a transfer of operations from the previous bank, and then look to provide them with the most effective products from our extensive offer.

We perform our job with care and sincerity.

  • We take good care that your savings and personal data are safe with us.
  • We honour our agreements and communicate clearly.
  • We listen to your opinion and wishes with sincere interest, and we strive to take both in consideration in our operations.

We are here for you.

  • You are the centre of our world, so you have an individual relationship officer who knows your needs and how to best advise you.
  • With a friendly and professional attitude towards our clients, we try to make you feel welcome at all times.  

Our promise to you and to the environment in which we operate.

  • Our guideline is an honest relationship with a clear and transparent offer.
  • We stand by you with the commitment to achieve mutual satisfaction together. 

We strive to act in accordance with these promises and to create a long-term business relationship with you.
We invite you to share with us your ideas, comments or suggestions for improving our work, through your individual relationship officer, via online form or e-mail at, or you can contact us at SKB TEL. (01) 471 55 55.