General Management

Board of Directors since 2 June 2014:
François Turcot for the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank and
Vojka Ravbar for Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Bank.

Chief Executive Officer of the Bank

François Turcot, glavni izvršni direktor

François Turcot                                      
Education:  HEC (Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales), France, 1984

Work positions:
Employed in Société Générale since 1985.
1985: Company Headquarters, Paris, Inspector;
1992: Société Générale Nancy, French Retail Network, Head of the Corporate Division;
1995: Company Headquarters, Paris, French Retail Network, Senior Corporate Clients Manager;                                               
1998: Société Générale Tokyo, Deputy Chief Executive Officer;
2003: Société Générale Calédonienne de Banque, New Caledonia, Chief Executive Officer;                                    
2007: Company Headquarters, Paris, International Retail Division, Head of the Asia Region;
2010: Geniki Bank, Greece, Chief Executive Officer;
2013: SKB, Slovenia, Chief Executive Officer;
2014: SKB, Slovenia, Chief Executive Officer.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Bank

Vojka Ravbar, namestnica glavnega izvršnega direktorja

Vojka Ravbar

Education: Masters Degree in Economics, Bachelor Degree in Economics

Work positions:
1977: The Government of the Republic of Slovenia, economic area – from a trainee to Adviser to the Government for the area of International Cooperation and Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Relations;
1990: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, responsible for foreign economic relations of the Republic of Slovenia;
1993: Ministry of Economic Relations and Development of the Republic of Slovenia, State Secretary for Foreign Economic Relations;
2000: SKB, Adviser to the Management Board, then Executive Director for International Banking Operations;
2001: SKB Bank, Executive Director for Banking Services and Business Support;
2005: SKB, Executive Director – General Secretary;
2010: SKB, Member of the Management Board of the Bank and since 2010 Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Bank;
2014: Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Bank.